“The details, research and images are simply exceptional in every aspect . . . staggering in its complexity and presentation. . . . you cannot do without this book.” - Jaguar Magazine

“We can't ever recall seeing in similar works the in-depth documentation . . .” - Octane

“. . . essential for restorers.” - Classic and Sportscar

“. . . the documentation of the six-cylinder cars to a level never previously reached . . . Jaguar Classic staff have already ordered copies – that is high praise indeed!” - George Camp, JCNA

“. . . a must have treasure and reference for all Jaguar E-type owners and would be owners, classic Jaguar shops and restorers, Jaguar E-type vintage racers, Jaguar E-type parts suppliers and all Jaguar enthusiasts.” - Victory Lane

". . . totally professional in terms of design and production, while the quality of the illustrations (mostly of unrestored E-types and mostly in colour) is really excellent . . . for those restoring any six-cylinder E-type to original specification, or who simply wish to understand how this great sports car evolved, I would use the time-honoured phrase, 'this book is essential reading.'" - Paul Skilleter

". . . a no-nonsense, heavy-duty book. . . (the photos) are not only a primary source for the statements and conclusions this book makes/draws, they are also the one thing that no other of the many, many E-Type resto books has. . . . all this lends itself to establishing a solid baseline for originality. . . . If you think of books as tools, this one is a precision tool. Use it in the manner intended and you will get the job done." - Sabu Advani

Recent review: ". . . this highly detailed book by Haddock & Mueller sold out within months. However, it has been reprinted . . . As a reminder, the book has been compiled by two of the world’s foremost E-type originality experts . . . Every model and sub-model is examined in minute detail with a vast quantity of new information on correct specifications and production changes for the 3.8 and 4.2 E-types." - Paul Skilleter


The book was one of five nominated for "Publication of the Year" by Octane Magazine.


The first printing sold out in months and the book is now in its third printing.

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