A new book is available from Dr.T.F.Haddock and Dr.M.C.Mueller,
Jaguar E-Type Six-Cylinder Originality Guide. As described on the
Dalton Watson page, "This is a new book on Jaguar E-type originality,
based on a prior work by Dr.Thomas F. Haddock that ran into two
editions and several printings. The new book is a result of a
collaboration of Dr. Thomas F. Haddock with Dr. Michael C. Mueller
of Austin, Texas, a Jaguar E-type collector with a worldwide reputation
and a collection of over fifty E-types. The new book adds Dr. Mueller's
extensive knowledge, along with photographs from the Mueller collection
to that of Dr. Haddock's to produce an exhaustive volume . . ."

Approximately 1700 pictures and over 500 pages. Some recent reviews:

“The details, research and images are simply exceptional in every aspect . . .
staggering in its complexity and presentation. . . . you cannot do without
this book.” - M/D

“We can't ever recall seeing in similar works the in-depth documentation . . .”
- Octane

“. . . essential for restorers.” - Classic and Sportscar

“. . . the documentation of the six-cylinder cars to a level never previously
reached . . . Jaguar Classic staff have already ordered copies – that is high
praise indeed!” - George Camp, JCNA

“. . . a must have treasure and reference for all Jaguar E-type owners and
would be owners, classic Jaguar shops and restorers, Jaguar E-type vintage
racers, Jaguar E-type parts suppliers and all Jaguar enthusiasts.” - Victory Lane

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