“. . . an exhaustive examination of E-Type minutiae, for the serious restorer. . . . System by system, in meticulous detail, the ‘correct’ characteristics of each component are described, and photographically recorded, if possible. This is the best source of detailing information I have seen for any car. The cars photographed are clearly untouched originals, and a bit of grunginess is tolerated in the interest of accuracy. . . . A must have book for any E-type restorer.” - JagLovers

“A system by system analysis of Jaguar XK-E production standards and techniques . . . if you have one of these cars, the book is a must have, especially if you are preparing the car for show. Many detailed black and white photos of obscure mechanical systems in their pristine state, commentary on production specifications, counts, totals, etc. If you only have one E-Type restoration book, this is the one.” - Amazon reviews

“. . . if you are the guy or gal who lives, breathes, eats, and sleeps E-Types, this is the book for you. And if you are trying to restore an E-Type, the right way, don’t even think of twisting another wrench until you own a copy of Haddock’s work. I’ve frankly never seen anything quite like it. . . . a highly detailed guide which covers anything and everything you could possibly care to know . . . It’s all here, all the way down to key fobs, wiper blades, spark plug wire ends, brake warning light lenses, and wheel balancing weights. . . a wonderful tool for the fan of six-cylinder E-Types. At first glance it seems a bit expensive for a paperback, but considering the wealth of information contained, it turns out to be an absolute bargain. I only hope Haddock’s book proves to be an inspiration to authors who would like to cover other marques with the same amount of detail.” - John Kuerzi, “Skinned Knuckles,” September 1991, page 32

“Impressively Dr Haddock does cover items so obscure that no one else has even considered them, like what an original wheel balance weight looks like or, unbelievably, the difference in the manufacturer’s logo design on the back of the medallion on early and later versions of the dealer-supplied key fob! Not to make light of this, the strength of the book is in the level of detail. Where else, for example, can one find a discussion, let alone photography, of the progression of four different chrome hood (top) clasps designs?” - “MM,” Jaguar Quarterly, Jan-Feb 1992

"I have relied heavily on Dr. Thomas Haddock's books, ‘Jaguar E-Type Six-Cylinder Restoration & Originality Guide’ and ‘Jaguar E-Type 6 & 12 Cylinder Restoration Guide’ for a lot of the information contained herein.” - Stew Cleve, author: JCNA Series 2 E-Type Judges’ Guide for Cars Imported to the North American Market, Accepted at the 46th Annual AGM March 11-14, 2004


Shortly after introduction the first edition was number two on Classic Motorbooks best sellers list. - page 8, Autoweek, October 7, 1991

Both first and second editions of the book went into several reprints.

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